About us

We are a voluntary association of banks and building societies operating on the Czech market. Currently, we associate 32 members representing more than 99 % of the Czech banking sector. We have been supporting the development of the Czech banking sector, our entire economy and the financial literacy of Czechs since 1990.

Legislation and Legal Regulations

We have been actively involved in the preparation of legal standards related to banking and finance. We are addressing almost all areas of banking – from banking supervision, payments or capital market, to accounting or internal audit. We are helping the legislative and executive powers with our comments and opinions at all stages of the legislative process. Our goal is to support the stability of conditions and the attractiveness of the business environment in the Czech Republic. We are also providing constructive inputs into discussions on how to ensure a meaningful protection of the interests of final customers of banking services.

Building Public Relations and Financial Education

It is the conferences and cooperation with the media which enable us to share information on the state of the banking sector and our entire economy with professionals and laymen. We focus on trends in banking services, cybersecurity or consumer behavior of Czechs. This is one of the reasons why we intensively focus on implementing educational projects that develop literacy in this area. All educational projects intended for the general public are also available on social networks under the name „Finance hladce“.

International Fora

An integral part of our activities is representing the interests of our members and of the Czech Republic in international banking and financial institutions. We are part of the European Banking Federation (EBF / FBE), the most important non-governmental partner of EU bodies in the field of banking. We are also active in the European Payments Council (EPC), the decision-making and coordinating body serving as an umbrella organization for the European banking sector in the area of payments, and last but not least, we are also members of the European Money Markets Institute (EEMI).

Crime Prevention

We focus on the prevention of general financial crime and cybercrime. Cybersecurity, in particular, is a societal issue today, and it is therefore our priority to create cybersecurity alliances of the public and private sectors. For example, we cooperate with the Police of the Czech Republic, the Financial Analytical Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the National Cyber and Information Agency, or the Czech National Bank. Our educational projects teach the general public how to properly protect their savings and personal data.

Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance has evolved from a marginal theme into one of the key banking trends. Many banks have become highly proactive in this area and are already carrying out activities aimed at strengthening the sustainable prosperity of the Czech Republic, digitizing their activities (transition to "paperless" processes), reducing carbon footprints in their own operations, or offering sustainable products (for instance within the framework of pension savings). And we at CBA provide them with support and expert background for these activities. The final achievement was the drafting of the Memorandum for Sustainable Finance and the creation of the Sustainability Commission (2021), which will also deal with how banks can make a concrete contribution to creating conditions for the sustainable development of the Czech Republic.


Financial and technological innovation has always been and remains to be an integral part of banking development, because banks have long been unable to do without the use of information technology. The Association, has been greatly supporting them in this, but not only this. It itself brings new topics to banking – such as electronic invoicing, QR codes, the Czech Open Banking Standard, XML standards for digital communication with third parties (for instance with financial and customs authorities), instant payments and the banking identity project – perhaps the sector's largest project to date. You can find more about the banking identity on the web. Digitization thus remains one of the key directions for our activities.


The work of the Association is built on the combined expertise of nearly five hundred banking experts who come to join in the work of the professional structures of the Association. The Secretariat of the Association also makes use of its expertise and contributes to this work. Since our members are important partners for us, we represent them within their membership in our negotiations with regulators at both working and political levels. In cooperation with the membership, we create and publish standards and codes that help not only banks to set the necessary rules. We also organize expert seminars and conferences.

Our Projects

Workshops on cybersecurity and finance with representatives of banks for students. #BankeriDoSkol

International competition for students aged 13 to 15, under the auspices of EBF. #EMQcz

Educational portal for professionals on the financial market.



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